The IAGON Main Sale has a bit more time left, meaning that you still have a chance to join in on the revolution. It can get confusing, you know, choosing which companies to invest in immediately, and which ones you can afford to hold off on. Similar to the traditional stock market, it is important that you take the time to do your due diligence and truly invest time into learning about the companies that are on your radar, prior to investing your money in them.

If you’ve yet to read through all of the materials that are at your disposal via the IAGON website, remember to take out some time to do so, but we thought that we’d go ahead and let you know a shorthand version of what exactly separates and differentiates IAGON from our potential competition. We’ve already become familiar with the four main players in the cloud computing industry: Google Cloud, IBM, AWS and Microsoft, but even though those names are readily known within the industry, it is also known that they utilize centralized, and less trusted storage.

This study, conducted to assess the capabilities of other cloud computing solutions and Blockchain based projects, focused on similar decentralized platforms, including Storj, SONM, DADI, Golem, iExec, dfinity, Siacoin, and Hypernet just to name a few, and those are the entities that were included in the Competitive Advantage paper, which is also located for full review on the IAGON website.

Scored through benchmarking, the competitive analysis took several factors into consideration prior to developing a detailed, easy view chart of platform haves and have nots for each project. Some of these factors include, Decentralized grid management, multiple platform support, OS support and file encryption, among others. The Results of the comparison came out as depicted below:

As you can see, IAGON’s architecture is planning to support allocation of file fragments for storage and processing tasks operated on a decentralized grid of nodes that join the storage and processing capacities of miners. The allocation of processing tasks and files for storage will be done by the operation of an AI-based coordination module that will operate in a decentralized manner. In addition, it will utilize the miner’s applications on the various nodes to select the miner’s node for carrying out a processing task or for storing a file fragment. Moreover, the project will support multiple technologies, including Ethereum and Tangle.

Should you want to learn more, please take a few minutes to read through the entire competitive analysis, which can be located, here.

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