We still have a bit of time remaining for the IAGON main token sale and continue to see consistent activity going on in within the Referral Competition, permitting more interested parties to join the IAGON community and invest in the revolutionary possibilities of the IAGON platform. There have, however, been countless questions and further speculation as to what is going to happen to the unsold tokens following the IAGON token sale.

You know, are we going to burn it, distribute it? The uncertainty has been clear among our telegram and community members and we’ve got some answers to put your mind at ease about what is going to happen after the token sale comes to an end.

We’re pleased at the current results of the pre-sale, as we have met our soft cap and are on the way to hitting the hard cap as well, however, there can be no exact way to tell whether or not all of the tokens will be purchased prior to the end of the main sale, so in the event that there are IAGON tokens remaining, there are a few steps that will be taken with an aim of ensuring full distribution of ALL leftover tokens.

IAGON After Token Sale Strategy

Following the completion of IAGON’s Main Sale, we will be moving forward with the distribution of the remaining, unsold tokens for token sale participants, over the course of a 2-year period. During this time, all qualified participants will receive the allotted token distribution every 4 months, with the first distribution being 4 months succeeding the first day of being listed on the exchange. On the other hand, should any ICO participant sell their purchased tokens, or tokens received through our Post-Sale distribution, they will forfeit any future token distributions that may have been available to them.

In addition, IAGON will be holding a Price Management competition for all token holders in which all points earned will be allotted to specific community members based upon a few specific factors. The elements that are taken into consideration when disbursing points to token holders, include, but aren’t limited to: who buys the most IAG tokens, buying a frequency of larger amounts, hold amount, hold time, and more. On the other hand, the people that sell their ICO tokens (move them to an exchange), will be removed from the competition as a whole.

The point based competition will look at the total number of points earned by a token holder within that period, with prizes being distributed every four months and, although the rewards and further competition details will not be announced until a later date, they are meant to incentivise the community, encouraging the holding and/or purchasing of additional IAGON tokens, thus making the community members the actual market makers.

Wallet Change Requests

There have also been inquiries about adding and/or switching the wallet that is linked to your account. In the event that you would like to make a change to your wallet address, you will be able to do so as long as it is a non-exchange wallet.

This feature is ideal for those who chose to store their tokens on another device, such as a cold storage device, and is ONLY available upon approval from IAGON’s support team, following the receipt and consideration of your written request. The required, written request should be sent to support@iagon.com.

As we come closer to the end of the Main Token Sale, additional clarity will be delivered to our loyal community members, though we hope that this article acts to place your minds at ease as to what steps are to follow the completion of IAGON’s main sale.

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