We are thrilled to announce the much-awaited moment in the Iagon Galaxy — the launch of our products’ Alpha Version. This milestone is not just a product release; it's the culmination of relentless effort, innovative spirit, and the unyielding dedication of our development team. Today, we invite you, our community, to dive into this Alpha experience, to test, enjoy, and contribute to the evolution of the Iagon ecosystem.

Embarking on a Preview Network Journey

In our pursuit of excellence, we've released the Alpha version on a preview network. This strategic choice allows us to engage with our community — the Iagonauts — on a broader scale. Your participation is vital. We're not just seeking feedback; we're inviting collaboration. As you navigate through our Alpha Galaxy, your insights and inputs become the driving force behind our continuous improvement.

The Iagonauts: At the Heart of Our Universe

Your role as Iagonauts goes beyond testing; it's about shaping the future of decentralized storage and compute. We value every opinion, every suggestion, and every critique. After all, the power of Iagon lies in its community. Share the links, spread the word, and let's embark on this journey together, making the Iagon ecosystem robust and ready for the world.

Guide to Loading Test ADAs on the Preview Network for Iagon Apps Testing

Revised Section:

Testers can add Test ADAs to their wallets for trialing the newly launched features on the Iagon Preview Network. These Test ADAs are tokens that, while lacking real-world value, are instrumental in facilitating interaction with Iagon products prior to their official release. Numerous websites, known as faucets, offer these Test ADAs. Testers are free to use any of these faucets to deposit Test ADAs into their wallets.

For example, here is a link to one such faucet: https://docs.cardano.org/cardano-testnet/tools/faucet/

To proceed, select ‘Preview’ as your network environment and specify your desired action, in this case, receiving Test ADAs. Input the receiving address of your wallet that is set up for the ‘Preview’ network and proceed to top up the funds. Following this, the Test ADAs should appear in your wallet, ready for use. Should you encounter any confusion, the faucet websites provide additional guidance and step-by-step instructions.

Explore the Alpha Galaxy

Explore the extensive array of products and services that comprise the Iagon Alpha Galaxy.

Please be aware that at this stage, each product has a separate link to facilitate more effective testing. However, for the mainnet launch, they will be integrated into a unified login flow, enabling single-sign-on access to all services:
For a more comprehensive understanding of how it functions, please view the demo video below.
  • Storage – https://app.alpha.iagon.com
    Test our secure, scalable, and decentralized storage solutions.
  • Subscription System – https://app.alpha.iagon.com
    Explore our flexible and user-friendly subscription models.
    The calculations and parameters remain consistent with those outlined in the document at https://docs.iagon.com/docs/whitepaper/detailed-architecture/subscription].

    However, there is a notable difference: tADA tokens are used, and the 'Preview Network' is the chosen network.

    During subscription, the calculation will convert the dollar value of the selected tier into an equivalent amount in ADA. Please ensure you have a sufficient balance of tADA to complete the subscription process.
Note: The Iagonauts packages are only functional if you possess the IAG tokens in the quantity specified in the aforementioned document.

All other metrics and parameters are consistent with those described in the document at https://docs.iagon.com/docs/whitepaper/detailed-architecture/reward-computation. However, there are two key differences: the use of tADA tokens and the selection of the Preview Network.

Staking Requirements for Iagon Storage Nodes:

The staking requirements for Iagon Storage Nodes are such that the greater the storage commitment to the network, the more IAG tokens you will need to stake. This ensures the integrity of the nodes and the fulfillment of the providers' commitments. The staking amount is determined by a straightforward formula which takes into account the storage commitment and certain factors that link IAG to USD:

IAG to be staked = Storage (in GB) * (Base USD Staked per GB + Alpha * (Base USD Staked per GB / IAG Value))

The Base USD Staked per GB and the Alpha coefficient are subject to market conditions, though some preset values are currently available. Therefore, the storage commitment value is the only variable that testers can adjust to influence the staking amount.

The Overall Staking Process Involves Three Main Steps:

  1. Stake the node based on the storage commitment.
  2. Retire the node's stake value after the commitment period.
  3. Withdraw the stake value following a specified duration during the Retirement stage.

Staking the node involves securing the stake value in a contract, which means it will be deducted from the tester's or user's wallet. The duration of the staking period may vary after the mainnet release, but for the alpha release, it is set to 5 minutes. During this period, users/testers cannot retire or withdraw their funds.

The Retirement stage occurs after the staking period. During this phase, the stake value is prepared for release or withdrawal. Certain checks may be conducted to verify the node's commitment. In the alpha release, this period is also set to 5 minutes, but it will be significantly longer, possibly spanning months or years, following the mainnet release.

Once the Retirement stage is complete, and after the end of the retirement duration, the stake value becomes available for withdrawal. Testers or users can then withdraw their stake value, which will be returned to their wallet.

*Note: For testing on the preview network, we are using test ADA (tADA) instead of IAG. We recommend testing with a storage amount that is within your tADA capacity.

What's on the Horizon: Towards the Mainnet Launch

Our journey doesn't stop here. As we bask in the success of the Alpha launch, our eyes are set on the next milestone — the mainnet launch. Scheduled before Christmas, this event is more than a launch; it's our commitment to delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our community.

Our team is working tirelessly, improving and refining every aspect of our products, ensuring that when we transition to the mainnet, we deliver an ecosystem that is not just ready but revolutionary.

Join us in this exciting phase of the Iagon journey. Test, explore, and be a part of a revolution in decentralized computing. Your feedback today shapes the Iagon of tomorrow. Welcome to the Alpha Galaxy — where your vision meets our innovation.