In November 2023, we were able to accomplish a lot:

Resource Provider API:

✅ Developed and tested off-chain contracts.

✅ Created and implemented APIs for staking processes.

✅ Designed and refined UI/UX for staking interfaces.

✅ Calculated performance metrics for stake amount generation.

✅ Integrated staking APIs with the resource provider's frontend.

✅ Added functionality for resizing storage before staking.

Web Hosting:

✅ Configured servers for website hosting services.

✅ Developed UI/UX for web hosting services.

✅ Built and deployed APIs for website hosting functionalities.

LedgerFlow App:

✅ Resolved bugs and implemented improvements.

Storage Client:

✅ Developed and integrated UI/UX, frontend, and APIs for subscription services.

✅ Integrated region selection in subscription plan options.

✅ Implemented parameterized APIs tailored to subscription packages.

Backend API:

✅ Migrated the sharding algorithm from JavaScript to TypeScript.

✅ Updated the node selection algorithm for file distribution.

✅ Revised the file upload algorithm according to subscription packages.

✅ Enhanced the algorithm for region-based file distribution.

✅ Conducted experiments with file compression algorithms.

LP Calculator:

✅ Integrated features with Spectrum Finance.


✅ Compiled and released documentation on Fluxion and Statur.

✅ Published architecture, staking, and subscription documentation.

December is shaping up to be a monumental month for us, brimming with excitement and anticipation. Get ready for some incredible developments and groundbreaking announcements as we head into this significant period.

Embarking on a Stellar Journey: Iagon’s Phase-Based Launch
Embark on a journey with Iagon, where each phase of our launch is a constellation of innovation, lighting the path to a universe of decentralized possibilities.

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