Brace yourselves for a synergy that blends cutting-edge technology, unwavering commitment to privacy, and a shared vision for the future.

What is it about?

So, what's the buzz all about? It's the groundbreaking partnership between DEGA and IAGON, where the spotlight shines on the seamless integration of IAGON's decentralized storage prowess into the DEGA One API. This isn't just another partnership – it's a dynamic fusion of innovation and security that's geared to transform the storage game.

Picture this: DEGA, the trailblazing force behind scalable infrastructure and lightning-fast transactions in the realm of Web3 gaming and the Metaverse, coming together with IAGON, the torchbearer of decentralized storage and security.

The result? A power-packed collaboration that's poised to revolutionize how builders and players experience storage.

With the technical integration of IAGON's decentralized storage capabilities into the DEGA OneAPI, the possibilities are boundless. Builders and players can now revel in the benefits of storage that's not just secure but also incredibly scalable.

It's the ultimate boost for the DEGA ecosystem, propelling it into a realm where innovation and convenience go hand in hand.

But that's not all – here's the cherry on top! For all the avid $IAG holders out there, participating in the DEGA Cardano ISPO just got even sweeter. Hold a minimum of 310 $IAG in the same wallet that stakes, and you're in for a partnership bonus that's bound to light up your crypto journey.

"The heart of DEGA beats for innovation and accessibility within our ecosystem," says DEGA CEO Carlos Rene, as he welcomes the partnership with IAGON. A spirit of cooperation defines this collaboration, setting the stage for a mutual exchange of ideas that will undoubtedly enrich the lives of builders and users alike.

What is DEGA?

But hold on – what's DEGA all about? They're the trailblazers redefining the landscape of Web3 gaming and the Metaverse. Think scalable infrastructure and rapid transactions that fuel a universe of creativity and interaction.

At the heart of DEGA's mission lies the One API – an all-encompassing solution that simplifies infrastructure and asset management. This platform empowers dynamic companies to seamlessly deploy and expand web3 games and metaverse applications.

DEGA is all about nurturing creativity in the digital economy. Their open software tools and solutions peel away the layers of complexity that often shroud blockchain development. With DEGA in your corner, any developer can make the transition to a Web3 developer in a matter of minutes, giving wings to their imagination and ideas.

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