As most of us know, IAGON has been all over the map in recent months, showcasing the technology behind the innovative design of the IAGON platform, while taking time to absorb the knowledge that is provided when attending these seminars, conferences, bootcamps and other various engagements.

Following an exclusive invite, IAGON’s Chief Architect and COO Dr. Elad Harison and Pavlo Babenko represented IAGON during the June 12th — 13th, 2018 Blockchain pre-Accelerator Pitching Bootcamp in Switzerland, which covered a multitude of advanced techniques and impressive strategies. Based upon suggestions given by Swiss Innovation, Urs Aebischer directed the 2-day event, which was an impressive choice due to his many accomplishments, including raising 30 million USD in investments with his previous startups.

Beyond that, the event was packed with direct and responsive training, with Day 1 being held in Zug. During the first part of the day there were several exercises focused on Pitch training, while the evening hosted Pitching Night in Zurich where, after heading there via train, participants spent the evening pitching to the local Blockchain community as preparation for the day that was to come. For this event, Pavlo presented the IAGON project and garnered a lot of interest from the community in reference to the technology behind IAGON.

The next day did not hold back either, while the group of participants spent their mornings working on the last round of changes, based upon the input received from others during the previous day’s events. As the evening rolled around, 6:30 pm in Zug was an eventful one that was full of Investor Pitches and additional Networking. During the Pitching portion of the evening, Elad impressed the participants and we were able to retain several promising contacts for future corporations.

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