IAGON’s community keeps getting stronger everyday so we want to reward them accordingly to show how important everyone is for our project. This is why we have decided to open the 3rd stage of our Bounty0x Community Competition and run several interactive activities before our general token sale.

We have decided to allocate more rewards than we initially decided. So we reserved more than 8.333.333 IAG (over 1 million in US dollars) tokens for the last stage of the community competition and you still have a chance to get rewarded with some of them.

How we decided to divide our rewards:

Exclusive competition = 5% = 416,666 IAG
LinkedIn = 5% = 416,666 IAG
Telegram= 10% = 833,334 IAG
Facebook = 5% = 416,666 IAG
Instagram = 5% = 416,666 IAG
Blog = 30% = 2,499,999 IAG
Video = 10% = 833,334 IAG
Twitter = 10% = 833,333 IAG
Other = 20% = 1,666,666 IAG

We invite everyone to actively participate in our open community competitions. All of our Bounty0x stages will stay open until the end of the ICO and this is also when IAG tokens will be delivered to the eligible competitors.


  • Visit Bounty0x
  • Register an account
  • Search for IAGON competitions
  • Find the most suited one for you
  • Participate



  1. Invite a friend to sign up on the IAGON website
  2. Invite a friend to participate in a Bounty0x competition


  • You will need to submit your own and your friends email.


1 friend — 10 IAG
5–10 friends — 80 IAG
10–20 friends — 100 IAG
30–40 friends — 250 IAG
40–50 friends — 350 IAG
50 > friends — 500 IAG


  1. Add a branded signature to your BitcoinTalk profile
  2. Create IAGON-themed Telegram stickers and share it on your BitcoinTalk profile


  • You need to post minimum 10 posts/per week on Bitcointalk forum.
  • Signatures/stickers must be visible and on your profile until the end of an ICO
  • Bitcointalk account must have a “Member” status or higher
  • Only one account per person is allowed
  • Any fraudulent accounts will be banned
  • Bitcointalk posts need to me meaningful, constructive and on topic
  • Any negative posts will not be eligible for rewards


Jr. Member, Member — 35 tokens per eligible week:

[center] [url= http://bit.ly/2FNISue] IAGON — WE REVOLUTIONIZE THE CLOUD| ICO | [/url] [url= http://bit.ly/2GkxOCK] DISCUSSION [/url] | [/center]

Full Member — 60 tokens per eligible week:

[center][color=#26A5EE][b]IAGON — [color=#26A5EE] WE REVOLUTIONIZE THE CLOUD[/color][/b][/color] | [url= http://bit.ly/2FNISue] [b] ICO [/b] [/url] | [b][url= http://bit.ly/2GkxOCK] DISCUSSION [/url][/b] | [/center]

Sr. Member, Hero or Legendary — 80 tokens per eligible week:
[center][table][tr][td][color=#26A5EE][size=18pt][b] IAGON [/b][/size][/color][/td][td][b] WE REVOLUTIONIZE THE CLOUD [url= http://bit.ly/2FNISue] [color=#8B63BE] LINK TO ICO [/url][color=#8B63BE] | [/color] [url= http://bit.ly/2GkxOCK] [color=#26A5EE] LINK TO DISCUSSION [/url][/b][/td][/tr][/table][/center]


  1. Create interesting memes about IAGON
  2. Create Infographics about IAGON


  • Memes can include competitors and IAGON solutions
  • Any mean or negative memes/infographics won’t be eligible for rewards
  • Post memes/infographics on any of your social media profile and send us the link


< 10 likes on a meme/infographic = 20 IAG tokens
10–50 likes on a meme/infographic = 40 IAG tokens
50 > liked on a meme/infographic = 50 IAG tokens


  1. Instagram picture with a hashtag #JoinIagonCommunity
  2. A post with a hashtag #JoinIagonCommunity on any of your social media profiles


  • You need to share post publicly (Public privacy setting)
  • You can post on different social media profiles
  • One account per post (we will check for fake and scam profiles)
  • Posts should include at least one link to IAGON webpage


< 10 likes on a post/picture = 0 IAG tokens
10–50 likes on a post/picture = 20 IAG tokens
50 > likes on a post/picture = 30 IAG tokens


  1. Present IAGON at conferences and events
  2. Send invitations for users to join our platform (referral link?)


  • Send us your proposals on the email: contact@iagon.com
  • You need to make videos and take pictures at the event/conference
  • Reward is per a conference/event


8,333 IAG tokens per event/conference


Everybody who already participated in our community competition will be rewarded with the new updated amount of IAG tokens.

If you have any questions regarding our community competition join our Telegram group Telegram.

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