IAGON’s goal of disrupting the cloud computing industry, garnering mass adoption, has always been made clear to our community, and the immeasurable potential of Blockchain Technology has made a way for our innovative and unique platform to drive us in that very direction. In order for people to fully understand the possibilities, it is important that we delve into all viable areas of advancement. Something that we could not do without the important relationships, partnerships and collaborations that are developed with other like minded companies around the globe.

For this reason, we are overjoyed to reveal that IAGON will now be listed on the MegaXStore. Centered around the spending habits of Millennials, the MegaXstore is the one of a kind, crypto-only marketplace, where tokens are spendable on a growing retail network that hosts over 25,000 brands and 5,000,000 members, across 27 countries. Moreover, the MegaXstore has collaborated with BCH, XVG, TRX, DGB, eBTC, HTML, ETN, as well as developing their own ERC20 token — MGX, while looking ahead to push mass adoption of cryptocurrency globally.

The newly forged, mutually beneficial partnership allows for IAGON’s integration onto an exclusive, crypto-only marketplace and gives our amazing supporters an additional outlet for spending their tokens. Additionally, we see the inherently positive attributes of this partnership, as there will be an undeniable increase in visibility, along with the potential enhancement of market interest.

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