The dedicated professionals of the IAGON team have remained hard at work over the course of the last several weeks, with the Main Sale well underway, as well as the ongoing referral competition, and now there’s more.

Friday, July 13th, 2018 marks the release of the latest version of IAGON’s MVP (Miner Application Preview) for distributed computing, version v2.0.0-alpha. The IAGON MVP will provide distributed storage between online users and storage nodes(miners). When using IAGON’s Platform and Grid, users can upload files, while miner software (desktop application) is used to control localized storage and serves as a node on the network.

On this new and improved version, we have made a few improvements, including support for distributed processing using Docker on the Intranet. Additionally, there have been several necessary bug fixes have been executed, along with improvements made to the overall performance and an updated User Interface.

Below, you’ll find direct access to the various platform links in which you will be able to retrieve the updated version of IAGON’s MVP:

Iagon Reference Link:

Github Reference Link:

1. Windows:

2. Linux:

3. Mac:

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