Iagonauts won the poll by a majority of community members! So now that we have a great name for the members of the community, let's celebrate and have some fun!

To celebrate and keep the creativity in our community pumping, we are announcing a meme competition to showcase 'who is' these iagonauts, and how they can support & promote the project!

Meme contest theme: We are 🧑‍🚀 iagonauts!

So it's time to share your art & creativity, and there are no limits here! This is art made by you.

How to participate?

It’s simple. You need to follow just several simple steps:

  • Post your meme on Twitter using hashtag #weareiagonauts and tag @iagonOfficial
  • Follow us on Twitter + join telegram group - https://bit.ly/3Aestra
  • Submit the link to your meme tweet in the Form below

How much time do you have

You have one week, and then we will pick three winners on October 11th 8 PM:

1st prize: 50 USD

2nd prize: 25 USD

3rd prize: 25 USD

Meme requirements:

  1. The meme must not contain any watermarks or other links.
  2. No limits on the number of submissions by one user.
  3. No NSFW memes; keep it friendly and without bad words.

We are not responsible for any copyright issues that may be raised.

Who will make a choice:

  1. The Iagon Team will select the winners.
  2. The winners will be chosen based on the quality, originality, sense of humor, and engagement of the meme.
  3. The meme should be funny -> it should make us laugh, and there is a good chance you will win!

Don’t hesitate to spread the word that Iagon is making the cloud a safer, greener (and cheaper) place to store valuable data.