We are proud to announce our partnership with ADA Handle, the providers of an NFT-powered naming solution for Cardano wallet addresses.

ADA Handle is here to solve the problem of complicated address markers for crypto wallets. As secure as these are thanks to cryptographic hashing, they consist of frustratingly long strings of random characters. What’s more, on UTXO-based blockchains like Cardano, a user gets a new address every time they want to trade their assets.

ADA Handle offers so-called Handles, custom addresses (containing only 1 to 15 characters, depending on the price tier), minted as NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. After a user buys a Handle, their payments can be routed to whichever wallet the NFT points to.

Why would anyone not want their ADA wallet address to be short and simple? At Iagon, we recognize ADA Handle’s undeniable potential and perceive the partnership as an opportunity to make the lives of our valued customers just that little bit easier. That is exactly why we’re planning to incorporate the feature into our ecosystem and solutions architecture.

And if you think that’s the end of good news, think again. The team is working on making the Iagon token bridge interface compatible with ADA Handle. This solution will make handling bridge transactions even more comfortable and streamlined.

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About ADA Handle

ADA Handle introduces a simple and elegant naming solution for your Cardano wallet address, secured entirely on-chain via the Handle Standard. It also aims to build tooling infrastructure on par with the largest vendors on the market today.

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About Iagon

Iagon is on a mission to revolutionize the cloud by developing storage and processing platforms where anyone can profit from shared resources. The whole value proposition circles back to the potential of blockchain technology by letting device owners join the storage and processing power grids to create a completely decentralized data cloud and supercomputer.

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