IAGON has been making strides as our token sale remains underway and throughout this entire process, we have been careful to exemplify the positive characteristics that will build trust and faith in our team and our revolutionary platform, from the influencers and investors within the space.

It is commonly known that IAGON aims to disrupt the Cloud Computing space, creating a Global Supercomputer that is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology. Today, we are elated to announce that IAGON has reached the level of Diamond Tier status following an ICO score of 91% and a positive review of the platform done by Rocket Fuel.

Calling our project ‘Solid and Ambitious’, our glowing review focused on the structure of the platform, as well as the strength of the team, making mention of the IAGON founders, each of whom holds a PhD in their respective fields. In addition, they seemed pleased with the MVP (which can be accessed through the IAGON website), stating that it has great UI/UX functionality and the ability to solve use cases.

Though IAGON is still in the early stages of development, we have had consistency in the way that key players within this space view the IAGON project, validated by the fact that IAGON has a Track ICO rating of 5 of 5, an ICO Marks rating of 9.6 of 10, and an ICO Bench rating of 4.6 of 5. Moreover, we continue to select the best suited advisors and partnerships in order to ensure that we are positioned in a way that will place us as viable competition for the current cloud computing and storage service providers.

Furthermore, IAGON’s infrastructure is unique and innovatively developed to cater to the massive market, capitalizing on the heightened security that accompanies the use and implementation of the Blockchain.

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