As we dive into the second week of the IAGON Pre-Sale, we are proud to have been given a Stable+ Rating from ICORating (HERE), following an in depth review of our overall product and platform, as well as our leadership, team members and advisors.

Our modern, decentralized platform supports both cloud services and cloud computing, and proves to provide much better security than the centralized servers that have been populating and overtaking the cloud services industry. When deciding to assign the IAGON project a Stable+ Investment Rating, ICORating mentioned the importance of our innovative decision to implement the full use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to develop more efficient grid management. Something that is an important step forward for the industry as a whole.

“Many of the risks for early ICO projects do not apply to IAGON.” — ICORating

It is important for us to grow and succeed with individuals that can share in our vision and excitement for such a revolutionary project, so the fact that ICORating mentioned the ‘undeniable competence’ of the IAGON team as another reason behind their positive view of our project comes as confirmation of our collective strength. Consisting of strong professionals with extensive experience in the technical sector and supported by a growing number of advisors, IAGON is destined to create an incomparable service.

Although we are still working to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry, the competitive environment does not pose a threat to IAGON because the flexibility of the market allows us to restructure in order to meet the needs of our users, and the consistently positive feedback from the community tells us that we are headed in the right direction, including our policy of openness, guaranteeing the public availability of our extensive Financial Plan, MVP, Whitepaper and Business Plan, as well as our detailed Roadmap. Moreover, the large range of quantitative information that we have available is immensely useful to potential investors because it allows for heightened transparency regarding our overall strategy and project.


We are excited to see that you have taken interest in our revolutionary and innovative platform. IAGON’s Pre-Sale will offer 20% of their tokens, which includes a total of 200,000,000 IAG tokens, at the following discounts during the Pre-Sale:

  • 0.06 USD per IAG token — for contribution > 25 ETH
  • 0.07 USD per IAG token — for contribution > 10 ETH
  • 0.08 USD per IAG token — for contribution > 5 ETH
  • 0.09 USD per IAG token — for contribution > 0.1 ETH

Remember to head over to our website in order to participate, and follow this link for more information on the KYC process.

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