Our community members are definitely loyal and dedicated to the vision behind the innovative and unique IAGON platform, and they continually make that fact known to the world by supporting our team and developmental process, in any way possible.

So, thank you! It is because of the community and supporters behind us, that the IAGON project has won the “Crypto Fight Club: The Search for the Undisputed” poll conducted by MegaX. This poll was conducted on the MegaXstore’s telegram account, and sought to find out who the world feels is going to be the first Blockchain project to successfully disrupt the cloud services market.

In the poll were three Cloud Computing Services projects that all seem to have immense potential, including IAGON (IAG), Elastic (XEL), and Golem (GNT). Following the overwhelmingly clear win, the IAGON tokens will be listed as a payment method on MegaXStore’s website, thus enabling the ability to achieve enhanced utility status because of having another public listing.

This is yet another example of how the IAGON project is setting the stage for global disruption of the cloud computing services industry. With MegaX having over 200 brands, 20,000 products and a quickly growing number of 25,000 customers in their database, IAGON (IAG) token holders can expect an increase in utility and hence, an increase in the intrinsic value of IAG token.

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