The ambitious goal of Iagon has some powerful partners behind it already, but an experienced and capable team is just as important. We are moving forward step by step, soon our office in Oslo will be opened, and therefore we are growing and strengthening on the way to our goal.

Iagon has been founded by well-connected and highly dedicated individuals. Initially, it was founded by Dr. Navjit Dhaliwal, Dr. Elad Harison, and Dr. Claudio Lima, who all shared the same enthusiasm for blockchain technology. They gathered around themselves a team of like-minded people and experienced specialists on the way to revolutionize the cloud.  

Today, we want to introduce new members of our team to you. Please welcome on board.

⭐️ Learn more about our experienced CTO:

Bjørn Bjercke joins the IAGON team as CTO
Our team is happy to welcome an experienced IT infrastructure expert Bjørn Bjercke, ex-Blockchain lead, and Partner at EY Zürich, as the new CTO of IAGON. Bjercke has solid knowledge of emerging trends and is at the forefront of blockchain and fin-tech. He plays a key role in how verifiable

David Garner

Communication Officer

David has been working with blockchain technology, professionally since 2017, and has been working with IT solutions and projects since 2011.

His journey into blockchain started when he was introduced to the wonders of blockchain by Don Tapscott on TedTalks, back in August 2016. Since then David has been passionate about understanding the potential of blockchain, smart contracts, and distributed, decentralized eco-systems, both in business and in a humanitarian capacity.

Since then David has been involved in most parts of the blockchain domain, from working with and in mining-related companies, to working with startups, designing solution architecture, and developing their business ideas. He has also been involved on the educational side, speaking at the Norwegian parliament and holding numerous talks for organizations in Norway. Both through invitation and on behalf of the Norwegian Data Associations Blockchain Group.

In his last job, David was part of the international  Innovation Lab team, within the ManPower Group, with a focus on understanding how blockchain can benefit employment processes and people.

Huiling Chen

Product Manager

Huiling, born in China, moved to Norway seven years ago to pursue a Master's Degree in finance. She immediately fell in love with Norway and its culture and  decided to pursue a career there as well. Some of her previous experiences include managerial positions at Opera Software and Huawai in their respective Oslo-based offices.

She's a long-term fan of blockchain technology and the solutions it has to offer. She strongly believes that dencentralized cloud computing will be a key aspect in making the industry more efficient and eco-friendly.

⭐️ Learn more about our advisor:

Darren Camas joins IAGON’s advisory board on its way to Cardano
We are happy to announce that Blockchain industry veteran Darren Camas is joining our team to make IAGON’s journey to Cardano more effective and profitable for everyone. Darren Camas has been involved with crypto & Blockchain since 2011 advising, building, and investing in multiple projects. Cur…

Talha Hussain

Frontend Developer

Talha is an aspiring Software Engineering and Management fresher, with a yearning to do more with what he learned through the programming itself, and through the experience, gained through being a teaching assistant for some of the courses.

He plans to focus on tuning Iagon's platform & website's frontend to make it easy to use for everyone.  Also, Talha plans to use the knowledge to build DApps that bring a new dimension of functionality for the consumers as well as brand new forms of incentive to contribute to the service.

"Iagon leverages blockchain technology to break the distributed storage and computing mold, allowing the community to make a rewarding contribution to the service with as little as a smartphone. With its innovative and distinct mission and its driven team, Iagon’s potential is limitless." – Talha Hussain shared this vision

For more information and to see what else is going on with IAGON, please follow us at the social media links below, or head over to the IAGON Website!