As we march forward towards our mission, we want to express our gratitude to our community for their unwavering support. Your encouragement has been the fuel that has kept us going through challenging times.

Despite the obstacles, we have accomplished a lot in the past year, achieving significant traction and making great strides in our development. Now, we're fully migrated to Cardano and forging ahead with our next steps.

Our platform, with its basic features, was just the beginning. We're working tirelessly to make it even better and more powerful. With each passing day, we're getting closer to our goal of returning control of data and resources to the people.

Together, we'll take measured steps towards the future, always guided by the knowledge that our community has our back. We are excited about what's in store and can't wait to share it with you. Let's keep moving forward with confidence and determination!

Milestones achieved in 2022 (in short)

  • MVP Demo On Cardano Release
  • ISPO Holding in partership with Maestro
  • $IAG Token Migration to Cardano  
  • MVP Alpha Tests for Private Users - New UI
  • MVP Beta Test Release for Public Users
Iagon's roadmap is updated as of June 2023

What's coming next

  • Fresh Website Release & Platform UI/UX updates
  • Invoicing dApp release
  • Tokenomics on Cardano update

🚀 Q2/Q3 '2023

  • Decentralized Storage Mainnet
  • Invoicing dApp New Features Release

🚀 Q3 '2023

  • API for Resources Providers
  • Ambassador Program Launch
  • NFT Airdrop for holders & stakers
    (including ico, ispo, LP reward program participants)

🚀 Q3/Q4 '2023

  • Single Asset Staking
    (shared revenue from protocol, fees collected from all use cases to be shared according to proportional amount of $IAG staked)
  • Subscription manager

🚀 Q4 '2023 / Q1 '2024

  • Entire Security & Architectural Audit

🚀 Year 2024

  • Decentralized Compute
  • GDPR Compliance Tracker for enterprise use
  • Agora System First Iteration
  • Reputational Model
  • User Access Roles for enterprise users
  • Data Access for private user
    (enables full transparency of sensitive information to users)
  • Pilots Onboarding

🚀 Year 2025

  • Decentralized AI Alexandria Protocol Release
    to manage and allocate spare resources
  • DAO Launch
  • dApps Building around spare compute and storage

Learn more about previous achievements:

Iagon Latest Roadmap Released
Check our detailed roadmap with past & future milestones to be updated with project development.

The roadmap is updated as of March 2023.
The roadmap may be subject to change or update during the development progress.