We are very proud to announce a great achievement for the IAGON project and the team behind the platform, as our patent has been officially published. The patent is officially published.

Up to this point, the team has continued to work tirelessly in order to bring to life, a vision that will disrupt and innovate the cloud computing space, and we’ve made strides towards doing exactly that. By the way. we need to note that several weeks ago our new platform had been launched.


Method, systems, and apparatuses may provide for technology that provides a decentralized network. The technology may include a managing node that generates a list of a plurality of compute nodes that are within a tier. The technology may further include a first compute node providing compute resources for other nodes to utilize.

The first compute node conducts a determination that the first compute node is within the tier-based at least in part on the compute resources and sends a notification to the managing node to add the first compute node to the list based on the determination.

The technology may also include a client node conducting an identification of the tier based on a computing capacity that is predicted to be utilized to execute one or more tasks associated with the client node. The client node identifies the managing node based on the identification and requests the list from the managing node.

More detailed information can be found here — https://bit.ly/37FtbAJ

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