Every project out there desires to be the leading project in its field, and while we’re working extremely hard to bring IAGON to life, we want to ensure that our platform is exactly what our clients would expect it to be.

We have been making progress in the development of our platform and we have already announced the release of our MVP 1.0.4.-beta, which is now available for Linux, MacOS and Windows. The application is built on electronJS and will provide distributed storage between online users and storage nodes (miners).

Decentralized platforms make great sense in theory, but to be applied in the real world we need early adoption. Without a dedicated early adopter to champion the new product it might be extremely difficult to compete with established players and generate traction.

So we’re more than proud, to announce our first platform initial adopter — Neureal.

Neureal is a platform that allows anyone to come to the network with something they want to be predicted, live data streams they believe will be relevant to that prediction, and a reward for the most accurate predictor. From there, predictive algorithms, neural networks, human-powered/augmented prediction markets, and even predictors that have yet to be invented compete to give the most accurate prediction.

Both Neureal and IAGON have developed a strong belief system in AI, which also brought us together. Both teams believe AI will grow exponentially in the business and computing worlds and are working hard to implement and grasp the full potential of this fast-growing technology. With broadening the introduction of AI applications in new areas and the widespread adoption of data collection from multiple channels (such as sensors, social networks, data providers, etc.) and later processing them, the demand for storage and for processing power is expected to exponentially increase. Which is exactly what IAGON is currently trying to solve with our decentralized platform.

Neureal will be using IAGON’s platform for distributed processing solutions once released, hence becoming one of our first initial adopters. Their opinion and feedback will help us grow in the market, improve our platform to the fullest and enable us to compete with any of the current cloud computing moguls.

Eventually, IAGON is planning to implement the decentralized AI solution that they have been working on as part of our network. Implementing Neureal and their predictive algorithm to our platform will free up the development time and resources. We strongly believe that Neureal has incredible potential, even exceeding projects connected with AI and Blockchain.