In the era of digital transformation, data seems to be the new oil. It is extracted by the tech giants, refined with analytical tools, and transformed into profits. And that is a serious reason for concern. Are we, as web users, aware of how our data is used? And if we did, could we do anything about it? At Iagon, we believe your data should remain yours and yours only.

Getting robbed of your data

It’s not a secret that major centralized platforms need our private data to function properly. It might be argued that they provide us with free services and apps in return, but are those benefits really free? They tend to preoccupy us more and more, grabbing our attention and drawing us to the screens of smartphones and computers. And as we continue to spend more hours on Facebook or Twitter, shopping on Amazon, or just letting Google do things for us, these companies amass considerable amounts of our behavioral data. But that’s all for our benefit, right? Well, the answer is not that obvious.

Having learned our behavior, major platforms seem to improve the user experience, helping us quickly and easily find things we’re looking for or share our fancy pictures with our friends. This comes at a price, however. Algorithms responsible for content suggestions can influence consumer decisions, manipulate users toward certain political movements, lead to confirmation bias, etc.

We as web users don’t even know the real value of all that data. The big tech companies do, however, and they put that knowledge into practice to make profits. Using users’ stored photos for commercial purposes, analyzing their conversations and, consequently, force-feeding them with ads for affiliated sellers, selling personal information to third parties, influencing online behavior - possible scenarios are endless.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, users have no control over the harvested data. And major players aren’t really interested in revealing how they handle it or who is granted access to it. For example, law enforcement agencies or other government institutions may demand that users’ confidential information is disclosed and use it for spying on citizens.

No monetization without compensation

At Iagon, we firmly believe that no one should be able to monetize your data without sharing the profit with you. This is why our approach to data storage and personal information processing differs from that described above.

Using Iagon’s shared storage solution, you are the sole owner of all the files you want to store. No single person or company (other than you) can control them or even access them without your consent. Decentralized architecture translates to secure file storage or exchange and customization options allow for setting up access rights tailored to your liking. Obviously, this isn’t only useful for individuals. Companies often need highly secure storage options and can clearly benefit from being able to share vulnerable data with their business partners safely, with no intermediaries involved. To comply with any data privacy frameworks (like the GDPR, for example), the user can choose a specific jurisdiction for the data to be stored.

Iagon is not after your personal information or behavioral data. We’ve even implemented a zero cookie tracking policy on our website. Whenever you interact with it, Iagon will not record your activity or personal data, because your right to privacy is too important. Our website will not place cookies on your device, and we won’t access your information. What’s more, we won’t have access to it even if your browser places cookies on your device automatically.

You’re safe with us

At Iagon, we want to empower web users by giving them complete control over their own data. This is why the team is working hard to provide you with secure, efficient, and compliant tools for storing your private or business-related files. And those files will always remain yours! Only you can decide where they should be stored and who can see them. If you’re interested in the details, you can find them in our whitepaper so make sure to have a look!

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