In September 2023, we were able to accomplish a lot:

Desktop and CLI application:
✅ Handle multiple application in a device / instance
✅ Handle unique node based on a device
✅ Security updates in desktop application and CLI application
✅ VPN detection on both applications
✅ FreeBSD test successful for NAS (but package building unsuccessful till now  - to be continued)
✅ Working on building docker image - to be continued
✅ Fixed random crashes on both application
✅ Using single API for dashboard on desktop application
✅ Updated algorithms for read/write, bandwidth and uptime

✅ Developed gateway APIs for storage client
✅ Developed APIs for LedgerFlow multisig
✅ Worked on Parameterized API
✅ Security updates for desktop application APIs, CLI application APIs and resource provider APIs
✅ API integration and deployed storage client
✅ Encryption and decryption algorithm of file
✅ Started working on file redistribution and garbage collection
✅ Worked on file size compression after sharding (not completed yet)

LedgerFlow App
✅ Worked on multisig features
✅ Working on LedgerFlow new updated UI
✅ Debugged transaction errors
✅ Single Staking and Subscription Manager
✅ Worked on single staking, subscription manager and reward distribution documentation
✅ Worked on contract development for single staking and subscription manager

We’re still working on :

⌛ Completing security updates for the desktop application and CLI application.
⌛ Porting the application to FreeBSD.
⌛ Addressing issues for the NAS storage server.
⌛ Building a docker image.
⌛ UI/UX, frontend, and API development for staking under Resource Provider.
⌛ Implementing encryption and decryption in our codebase on both frontend and backend API.
⌛ Developing an algorithm for sharing private files with other users via a URL.
⌛ Improving the Region API for multi-level region selection (Selection based on country, city, and GDPR Law).
⌛ Creating an API to measure the demands of the Node both globally and regionally.
⌛ Working on the new LedgerFlow UI.
⌛ Updating the storage client UI to be in-sync with the new LedgerFlow UI.
⌛ UI/UX, frontend, and API development for subscription under Storage Client.
⌛ Implementing a parameterized API to the storage client based on the subscription package.

We Plan to Complete:

⌛ Algorithm for redistribution, rebalancing, garbage collection, and performance calculation.
⌛ File size compression after sharding.
⌛ An API to verify if node files match without metadata and have not been tampered with.
⌛ Adding a public section on the storage client for publicly accessible files after encryption (This will be required for web hosting/publicly shareable files in the future).
⌛ Contract development for single staking and subscriptions under Single Staking and Subscription Manager.

For more information and to see what else is going on with Iagon, please follow us at the social media links, or head over to the IAGON Website!