Iagon has now become an official member of the Estonian Australian Chamber of Commerce. We are looking forward to working with Estonian companies and perhaps even public service organisations in one of the world's most forward-thinking and technologically advanced countries.

Estonia, the "digital republic", has been an interest for iagon for a while due to their attitude towards blockchain technology, which they have implemented into society, to provide secure and fast systems that benefit the Estonian citizens and companies.

Estonia is also the nation on earth with the highest number of unicorns (companies, not the mythical beast) per capita, meaning that they are very good at supporting innovation.

This is what the EACCI had to say about iagon:

"As the presence of impactful technology increases, Iagon focuses on delivering Decentralised, Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence services."
~ EACCI team

Estonia seems like a perfect fit for iagons ambitions, and we are eager to continue to build our relationship and mutual business interests.

Learn more about our solution:

Iagon’s EU Patent Has Been Officially Published
The European Patent Office has published a patent about Iagon’s ecosystem solution.


The objectives of Estonian Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EACCI) are to encourage trade and investment between Estonia and Australia as well as to create networking opportunities among the Estonian business community and the Australian business community. The EACCI is committed to raising the awareness of trade, commerce and investment between Estonia and Australia as well as encouraging cultural ties between the two countries.

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About iagon

iagon aims to revolutionize the cloud by developing a storage platform (designed for the Cardano Ecosystem) and a processing platform where anyone can profit from shared resources. The whole value proposition circles back to the potential of blockchain technology by letting device owners join the storage and processing power grids to create a completely decentralized data cloud and supercomputer.

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